The Rabbit Hole

WARNING: You are entering unknown territory, if you know me please ask and i will explain if you wish. I cannot emphasise this is not for the faint hearted, ask yourself would you rather not know ?

This page forms a narrative from 1763 and is the real history you are not taught in schools up to present day, with links and comments to prove what’s going on, try and follow it in order.

This website introduces the Rothschilds and its banking dynasty, follow the pages up to the start of WWII

Dennis Wise a British filmaker, his website is below explaining everything, you will be almost at the bottom of the rabbit hole when you have watched all this, (except the new world order agenda, which is further down the page)

If you want to get the “gist” of all this maybe watch the first 4 videos and possibly the last 6 or 7, as its a 6 hour documentary he spent 3 years producing. Watch it all if you can it will change your life.

If any of you know me you will know i will not be publishing links to rubbish, this is the real deal, i am really sorry but welcome to the real world.

Or if its on YT its all here. here are 2 uploads of it

Dennis Wise radio interview

This is my very brief words on the causes and conclusions of WW2

The Truth of WW2, this is all provable fact if you do research.

All wars are about power, control and money:

After WW1 Germany was broke, its land and people split off due to boundary changes enforced in 1919, in Austria, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Germany had become the vice capital of Europe, crime was everywhere and its people living in poverty.

The reason for this was the international central bankers who plundered and lead the country into debt enslavement, by loaning money at interest, that was impossible to repay.

Hitler rose to power on a nationalist socialist movement, initially in a coalition. However these parties were corrupt so they were removed, this lead to a de facto dictatorship that the population accepted as the only way out of the corrupt banks.

In 1933 when he came to power their were 7.5M unemployed, in 1 year he had reduced this by an unprecedented 3M, in a massive restructuring and rebuilding program. Crime was virtually eliminated, the vice clubs were closed down and communist material destroyed. 

You will probably not know he brought in a mandatory 40 hour working week, firms had to install rest/canteen areas, and he also put in laws to protect the environment and wildlife, also heath initiatives such as non smoking were implemented.

World leaders, including David Lloyd George (who said what he had done was nothing short of a miracle), all visited Germany. The 1930s were the years of prosperity for the German people, while the rest of Europe was mired in depression through the bankers debt control

Another little known fact is Hitler negotiated for the zionist corrupt people/bankers to relocate to Palestine with their wealth intact, this carried on until the outbreak of WW2.

Also the American banks financed Germany in the early days, as well as financing Stalin. Bankers always finance both sides if they can.

The Germans in neigbouring countries (after the forced boundry changes after WW1) were being abused and killed in their thousands, and Hitler vowed to rescue them. He gave many offers of how to sort this out without military means, this was all rejected by the powers. The rest is history and there is more surprising things you wil discover if you research it

WW2 was basically allowed to happen or even  actively encouraged by the West for the benefit of the central privately owned banks of the world for money, and to remove Hitler. Also Germany had become so successful without their “help” of debt enslavement. This could not be allowed to continue as there days would have been numbered as bankers, and their corrupt practices of making money for themselves and their objectives would not have continued to the present day

After the war a treaty was put in place that gave the Western Powers control of all Germany’s media until 2099

General Paton is on record as saying at the end of the war in Europe “we have defeated the wrong enemy” referring to the fact it should have been Stalin.

In 2000 a company was setup that gave full control of Germany’s financial undertakings over to the central bankers (Rothschild) for all those monetary benefits, and Germany’s gold was shipped out to the States.

This is all still in place today with the central privately owned bankers controlling governments and controlling the media worldwide.

The main countries that are NOT controlled by privately owned central banks today, in recent history are / were

Libya, watch this
N Korea
+ Various other African countries

Has the penny dropped yet, do you see the pattern now ?

You will also find if you continue down the page, the other atrocities that are claimed happened during the war simply did not occur. The proof is there to discover if you have watched the Greatest Story video above and check the info below, you make your mind up.


In Depth about WW2: Polish ambassador diplomatic messages

A fascinating book below with many pictures, entitled The Life of the Leader


See how many off the list below, written over 100 years ago can you see now in life today ?

You have probably figured out by now the War on Terror and all that other rubbish, is all constructed.

This is all about the New World Order by Dennis Wise, 8 episodes

The New World Order history summarised below

Are you aware of any of this going on below, no neither was i, why are we not informed of this ?


A rare fascinating and very insightful interview with Hitler’s personal assistant

Hellstorm, The real genocide of WW2

Justice For Germans website

Proof of the real reasons for WWII

Website containing GCHQ decrypts of messages from the work camps, with some startling information

Info below on the camps and the Red Cross figures

Click to make the image larger and you will see some startling figures


This one website alone below will be enough to destroy the greatest myth of the 20th Century

Info from the World Almanac on Jewish population from 1933 and 1948 which proves a lot

This article from the New York Times proves a lot in 1936 about the hoax

The six million myth in newspapers over the decades prior to WWII

Books on Amazon about the subject:

Nick Kollerstrom on the Jeff Rense radio show with debate on the subject

Nick Kollerstrom’s book available on Amazon

I am not racist, anti semitic, this is not what all this is about, its about the truth, and the injustice of what we have all been subjected to by a few people.

Israel and Zionism

A most important video for the truth

About the bankers and more

All Wars are Bankers Wars video

A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of mankind on Amazon

Why central banks arrange wars to stop countrys own national banks

Why Debt based currency enslaves everyone, here is the reason we are in the mess we see today,  and what the solution is, the book is from 1919 ! You will by now not be put off by the insignia on the front cover.


The difficult facts of WWII summarised below and can be used as a “eureka moment” to make people aware when they are ready to fully understand the whole sorry saga of lies we have been sold

You will probably not know -:

Schindler’s List won a writers award for fiction

The Diary of Anne Frank was also a work of fiction, some of it was based on BBC news reports that have since proved to be false

If you have visited Auschwitz -:

Did they show you the swimming pools ? The workers had competitions at the weekend, there are pictures.

Did they show you the auditorium ? Shows were put on by the workers, including shows by the children, there are pictures.

Was it explained there was a courtroom for any hearings that were required for the workers ?

Was it explained the holes in the roof where the gas was allegedly dropped were constructed after the war ?

Was it explained the large chimney next to the crematorium was constructed after the war had ended, and is not even connected to the building ?

Was it explained there was a massive problem with Typhus in the camps (and all over Europe), and the gas Zyklon B was the preferred option to kill the pest.

Was it explained the ovens were used to “boil” the clothes and remove the pest ?

Was it explained  their hair was cut to remove the Typhus pest ?

Was it explained that shoes and a uniform were issued as a matter of course ?

It is not proof of anything to display piles of shoes and hair, and was it explained the shoes you see piled up are on a false inclined upward floor ?

Was it explained that independent scientific research found no trace of any residue that would have been left on the walls as would have been expected from any gassing ?

Was it explained that a brick building and unsealed doors used were not airtight and would have been completely useless for what is claimed was happening ?

Has anyone explained to you the piles of bodies and malnourished people you see on news reels were actually as a result of Allied bombing of supply routes to the camps in the final months of the war ?

Go and search real pictures of life in the camps, they look like any prison camp with healthy people on work detail, and under no duress.

Go and search the now public domain records of radio records received by Bletchley Park, that prove so much of daily roll call numbers, and much more such as the fact the camps would regularly swap people for skills in brickwork for example.

Did you know you can be prosecuted in many countries for even talking about the above comments (people are in in prison and have been fined)

This is the only historical event that has a force of law on it, why would that be ?

Has the penny dropped yet, do the research, you will be shocked

June 2015 story of 86 year old German lady being prosecuted for speaking out

German TV aired this in March 2015, which is the interview with Ursula Haverbeck of the report above

This info has just come to light as of June 2015, and if you read it in the context of what we now know of Hitler it is very revealing


The Final Chapter: Warning this section has all the answers to a New World Order and its history back to the 1700s

This makes horrific reading below as most of the truth is discussed it is a long and very difficult read, its a PDF book which you will have to download to view. It is not the end of the story the videos at the end of this section explain this

I urge you to think twice before reading or viewing the videos as it will deliver a knockout blow to you, as to what this planet has become.

After much research i believe this to be a true accurate account of the Illuminati its history and methods

These 2 videos below explains the top if the tree for the control of everything, i have spent a year figuring out all the lies and mis information. The video drags a little at the start, but please stick with it

Its not what you think it is, as its all based on religion and belief, research all this, Vatican/Jesuits/Knights of Malta/Knights Crown Templers for they are our true masters:

This is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the book talked about in the Illuminati video above and is proof of the methodology that is being used.


Documentary about the real Libya, and how we have been deceived


See if you can guess the country in these pictures below, answer at the end, Hint, they are not controlled by the international bankers and live debt free.   We are kept in the dark ……..

An unknown Bloggers comments on Germany:

referring to this hoax story of people being cremated

By now you already know that the American government, military, sources of intelligence etc have been all hijacked by Zionist Jews who were Communists before. So anytime you read a book or article factor this in.

And also know that the Zionist narrative about late German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and German people are simply lies. Hitler is the greatest politician (and statesman) who ever walked this earth. He was the creator of the German miracle and he was a very inspiring leader whom the Germans loved! He was a terrific artist, a vegetarian and an animal lover and a well disciplined person who advised his fellow soldiers against drinking alcohol and smoking and was a deeply caring person who loved his country and people.

It is important to uphold the truth thereby refusing to go along with lies of the Zionists, their agents and other cowards who continue to parrot lies about this unique human being. And the unfortunate thing is that these lies have totally replaced the truth after repeating them for over decades – even by otherwise well meaning people who have done that for fear of Zionists who can be very cruel. But there should be no excuse for repeating lies and it is shameful to lie or repeat lies!

As long as politicians, journalists, columnists, bloggers etc choose to remain ignorant about Adolf Hitler’s government and German people Zionist Communist Jews and Jewish owned Mainstream media will continue to spread false propaganda about the so called Jewish “Holocaust” and innocent people like Ernst Zundel will be in prison for doing no harm to anyone but for having spoken the truth. The time has come where all these ignorant people and those who lie on behalf of Zionist Jews and Israel need to be exposed and or boycotted for being irresponsible about presenting factual information to the world. Justice will not be served to its true extent by merely saying what Zionist Israel does to people in Gaza and Palestine is wrong as long as these same people refuse to learn the truth and/or continue to deceive the world about what happened in Hitler’s Germany by saying Hitler killed millions of Jews which he did not. How difficult is it for these people to learn the truth about what really happened during and after WW 11 to Germany and German people?

Are they waiting till Holocaust lies fill the heads of every little child in every remote corner of the globe?

All we hear repeatedly is about the “6 million Jews” who were “murdered by Hitler” and we are supposed to believe these lies. Jewish Holocaust is a lie which has been kept alive through the continued deception by Jews who have made an industry out of this Holocaust hoax.

Now is the time to dispel these lies while claiming back all the funds that have been collected on behalf of Jews for the fraudulent Jewish Holocaust Industry and these funds need to be directed as reparations paid to Germans who live in and outside of Germany and Muslims and Christians who have been the victims of the so called “war on terror” which is another Jewish hoax.

Jews have persecuted countless other people based on lies about the Holocaust which Zionists have turned into a big industry running into millions of dollars for their benefit at the cost of people in Germany, US and other countries. Bishop Richard Williamson is among few other courageous people who said that no Jews died in gas chambers during Hitler’s Germany. He also said that Muslims didn’t do 9/11 and after he made these statements Zionists caused him a lot of grief.

Bad things are known to happen to countries and people who oppose Zionist Jewish bankers, Zionist Jewish orchestrated wars and Zionist corporations (the US tax system known as the IRS, companies that manufacture GMOs, pesticides, toxic drugs and vaccines etc) and/or criticize organized Jewry, the Jewish Holocaust and/or Zionist Israel for the crimes committed on innocent people in Gaza in the occupied Palestine. It is strange that Israeli planes never crash and Jews don’t die from accidents like non Jews.

Some people have paid a heavy price for having done any of the above and one such person who has greatly suffered is the German Artist and Activist: Ernst Zundel who is still sitting in a German prison for having committed no crime. His prison sentence was orchestrated by Zionist Jews who hated him for having challenged the Jewish narrative of the Holocaust. Ernst Zundel hired a US engineer and with his expertise scientifically proved once and for all that there were absolutely no gas chambers (which was only a Jewish fabrication) that were used by Hitler’s government to kill Jews in Germany. This enraged the Zionists who used all their arsenal against him to get even.

Under the Patriot Act he was secretly taken away from his home in the US which he shared with his wife Ingrid Zundel.

Ernst Zundel’s house was fire bombed by some Jewish extremists while he was living in Canada several years ago.

Ernst Zundel’s story is a heartbreaking one where the Zionist controlled corrupt Judicial system and the corrupt government in three countries (US, Canada and Germany) conspired against an innocent and decent individual.

Also have a look at this very carefully of another hoax, purported to be in one of the camps. but its not

Proof that our governments do not protect us:

Do not take any notice of Assange or Snowden, they are disinfo for the mainstream media

More and more truth, this time Michael Jackson

Edward and Mrs Simpson, the real story

A Crash course in the Middle East, with all the important facts left in !

This is why control of the weather is important to their plans

Pictures taken in Auschwitz and Dachau

Show these to anyone and any doubts about what really happened dissolve away.

buchenwald-1945 children-from-auschwitz solahuette female-guards-auschwitz dachau-babies-2

Roser 2 (Chip)
Roser 2 (Chip)

auschwitz-camp-nursery-19421 bundesarchiv_bild_146-2007-0085_ig-farbenwerke_auschwitz pow-auschwitz 1944-fencing-at-auschwitz bundesarchiv_bild_146-2007-0096_ig-farbenwerke_auschwitz camp-music orchestra-auschwitz camp-orchestra orchestra auschwitz-nurses birkenau-hospital auschwitz-dentist auschwitz-workshop auschwitz-verksted auschwitz-workers


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